Gainesville Commercial Fencing

Gainesville Commercial Fencing

Industrial Chain Link & Ornamental Fences

(Also serving the Greater Ocala Area)

Hercules Fence Company can help with all of your commercial fencing in Gainesville. Whether you are looking for a decorative ornamental fence to dress up your storefront or business, or a 14 foot security fence complete with razor ribbon, we have done it!

Hercules Fence Company has been a fence contractor in the local area since 1952. Every one of our fence installers are extremely qualified and experienced. Together, the Hercules team has over 135 years installing fence. The team member with the least experience, has been installing fences full time for over 10 years! We do things right, the first time! We do this by taking extra steps to protect your property and your investment that other fencing contractors in Gaineville do not. We are fully licensed and insured. In addition, we are also certified to do county, city, state and other municipality projects. Finally, we are able to provide a bond for individual jobs as needed.

Listed below are a some of the commercial gates and fences we have accommodated in the past:

  • Detention Centers
  • Wildlife Preserves
  • Schools
  • Corporate Secure Facilities
  • Sub-Divisions and Neighborhood Communities
  • Ball Parks – Field Fences and Backstops
  • County Work
  • And More!

Chain Link Security Fence

To provide extra protection for your business, we supply a heavy duty chain link security fencing.  Razor ribbon can be added for extra security to keep out unwanted intruders. Cantilever automated gates with full access control are also available. Your business can have the same level of security that we have used on our commercial fence contracts with detention centers in the Florida area. Call or request a quote right here on our website.

Decorative Commercial Fencing

Decorative Commercial Fencing GainesvilleIf you are looking to dress up the appearance of your store front, apartment building, or commercial property, then an ornamental aluminum fence may be the best solution. They also work great to keep pedestrians off the grass. Our aluminum fences are powder coated, instead of painted. This makes the finish virtually indestructible – you won’t ever have to be concerned about peeling or rust. Our aluminum fences come in four standard colors:  Black, white, green and bronze. We can even get custom colors through special order.

If you are considering wrought iron, here are some things you should know. Wrought iron fences are considerably more expensive than aluminum fences – about double the cost. In addition, wrought iron will eventually rust and as a result require maintenance and painting – our aluminum fences will not. The unique powder coated finish on our decorative fences stands up to years in the hot Gainesville sun.

Give us a call, or request a quote below – Hercules Fence Company will be glad to provide a professional quote for your project without charge or obligation.

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