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Making Wought Iron Fencing Easy!

Decorative Aluminum Fences can add security, appeal, and value to your home or business. If you have been thinking about installing a wrought iron fence or gate, you should know that aluminum fences have significant advantages. With many styles and colors to choose from, Hercules Fence Company Gainesville can help you find the perfect look for your property.

Decorative Aluminum Fences Vs. Wrought Iron Fencing

Cost: Decorative aluminum fences cost significantly less than wrought iron fences. Typically, a wrought iron fence is a custom order and is at least double the cost of an ornamental aluminum fence. If you are looking for that custom look, but want to avoid all the extra expense, then your best choice is a decorative aluminum fence from Hercules Fence.

Durability: Our ornamental aluminum fences typically last longer and wear better than wrought iron fences. Surprised? Because of the composition, wrought iron will eventually rust, which will mean painting and maintenance. Not Hercules’ decorative aluminum fences. Because they have a special powder coating, not simply painted, and the finish is just about indestructible. Even after years in the harsh summer sun here in Gainesville, our decorative fences won’t peel. In addition, our aluminum fences currently offers a lifetime limited warrantee.

If you want a decorative fence that looks great and adds to the beauty to your home for many years – choose aluminum fencing from Hercules. We have four basic colors – black, white, green and bronze. If you have a particular look you desire, we even have custom colors available. Be sure to get the perfect look for your home or business.

Powder Coating – What’s the Big Deal?

Powder coating looks like paint but is really quite different. It is a powder application, adhered to the metal through an electrostatic process, and cured under intense heat. As a result, the coating forms a “skin”, and actually becomes part of the ornamental aluminum fence, not just a covering like paint. This finish is much tougher and won’t even peel when exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Since decorative aluminum fences will never peel or rust, it is a much better choice than wrought iron fencing.

Other Reasons to Choose Hercules Fence Company

Hercules Fence Company Gainesville has been locally owned and operated right here in Central Florida since 1952. We are not a huge company located in another part of the country, where company profits benefit another community. We live and work right here. As a matter of fact, our major manufacturer, Antebellum, is also located in the area. So when you choose Hercules Fence Company, you are supporting your local economy. But we also know a lot about installing fences. Our shop has over 130 years combined experience – our “rookie” installer has been installing fences full time for over 10 years! Our company moto is “Do it right the first time”. But, we aren’t perfect. If you are not completely satisfied with your installation for any reason – we will come back and make it right at no additional cost to you. Finally, we are one of the only fence contractors in Central Florida with a showroom. Visit us in Our Ocala Showroom and see the material first hand before it is delivered to your home.

Hercules provides free estimates for your decorative aluminum fence project in Gainesville, and there’s no obligation. Give us a call or request a quote online. One of our qualified fence experts will get back to you to discuss your fencing project.


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